Can I protect my plumbing and appliances from costly corrosion?

Corrosion often occurs because of highly acidic water that gradually eats away pipes, appliances, heaters, boilers and air conditioning units. With Suburbanís Acid Neutralizer, the threat and expense of acidic corrosion is gone. Our Acid Neutralizer uses calcite, a natural mineral mined from the earth which balances the pH (acidity) of your daily water supply. So why spend money on repairs and replacements when a bit of prevention is all you need?

What about ugly iron stains on my sinks and tubs?

Suburbanís new Ironsoft is a real breakthrough! Equipped with a fine mesh resin, this unit not only softens hard water, it filters and removes both clear and red water iron at the same time. Now you can eliminate the stain and unpleasant taste of iron while enjoying the many benefits of soft water with one easy to operate system.

Is there a way to guard against harmful bacteria?

You wonít have to worry about your health or the safety of your water with Suburbanís Ultra Violet Water Purifier. It destroys potentially harmful bacteria and viruses with UV energy Ė the same energy found in the powerful rays of the sun. This unique energy source is generated by a germicidal lamp emitting a band of light which attacks a host of micro- organisms and ensures better health for you and your family.

Is there an economic way to remove excessive metals from the family drinking water?

Youíll never need to buy bottled water again with Suburbanís Reverse Osmosis water treatment systems. In a convenient unit that fits right under your sink, water is forced through a semi permeable membrane which traps contaminants and produces crystal clear drinking water. This highly effective process, operating on household water pressure, reduces up to 90% and more of all minerals including sodium chloride and nitrates. Depending upon your water supply and personal needs, Suburban offers several Reverse Osmosis units from which to choose. And for homes with either high or low water pressure systems, Suburbanís Deluxe Reverse Osmosis unit features an integral pump to maintain constant water pressure and promote maximum efficiency.

Does hard water really create any problems for the homeowner?

Hard water can be a very costly addition to your home primarily because it leaves a residue called hard water scale on all washable surfaces. Over a period of time, hard water scale can clog your plumbing which eventually reduces water pressure. It damages water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee makers and virtually all appliances through which water passes. This scale leaves spots or streaks on dishes and glassware, and dulls the look of clothing, floors, sinks, tubs, and even hair!

At Suburban Water Treatment, the solution is simple. Our high quality Water Softeners are designed to accommodate the needs of your family as well as the condition of your water. All of our easy-to-operate units deliver softened water that washes brighter, rinses cleaner and feels a whole lot better.

Please call our office for water testing and price for conditioners.

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