The A.O. Smith Advantage

  • We Were First With Glass Coated Tanks

  • The superior time-tested Permaglas coating process, developed by A. O. Smith, is considered by the industry one of the most efficient, long lasting defenses against the corrosive effects of hot water.

    The process involves the fusion of glass to steel water heater interiors, using special ovens fired at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Over the years, we experimented with over 5,000 formulas. Only the best four are used in our water heaters.

  • We Invented And Pioneered the anode rod for Additional Long Term Protection

  • The anode rod is a highly effective, round-the-clock corrosion fighting system which utilizes cathodic action to attract the corrosive elements in hot water away from internal tank surfaces. Another A. O. Smith first, the anode rod has become an industry standard.

  • We Produced The World’s First Energy Saving Water Heater, The Conservationist

  • The Conservationist concept, which makes it possible to produce more hot water with less fuel, is yet another example of the technological creativity that sets A. O. Smith water heaters apart. The current A. O. Smith conservationist models excel in every way residential gas and electric water heaters are rated. With energy-saving features so advanced they exceed the 1992 Federal Efficiency standards.

  • Our Patented Thermotrap System Makes sure that Once Water Is Heated It Stays Hot

  • Some water heaters lose substantial convective standby heat through the cold water inlet pipe and the hot water outlet pipe.

    A. O. Smith invented a patented solution called the Thermotrap system. It employs a simple, unique insulating ball concept that prevents heat from escaping into either the cold water inlet or the hot water outlet. Which means more hot water with less energy. At less cost to the homeowner.

  • Prices

  • See our Main Hot Water Heater page for details on pricing.

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